Skin Protect A revolutionary airless product

Preserve the integrity of your formula with the most advanced airless protection against bacteria and oxidation

Skin Protect is a revolutionary airless packaging designed to dispense and preserve any kind of fluid. It offers an extreme protection against all types of external contaminations. A three-point ventilation of the overcap prevents any surface moisture or air containment. The tubes are submitted to heavy tests against microbiological contaminants, in both dry and humid environments, and in both static and moving positions. The surface of the tubes is clean and hygienic, without any asperity.

Thanks to a under pressure piston that automatically seals the tube after use, Skin Protect is fully hermetically closed. This preserves the integrity of the formula by offering a full protection against bacteria and oxidation. It enables an easy distribution of the cream through a very soft pressure on the tube. The Tip Seal technology affords a clear cut of the cream and prevent any retro-contamination. This allows a longer preservation of the formula, in a highly technological tube, which acts as a shield even for the most sensible liquids.

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For your skin care product

100% Microbiological safe
A Sober and modern design easy to brand
Suitable to contain any fluid
Protection against oxidation
Preserves the integrity of the formula
Three-point ventilation of tube overcap
Tested airtightness
Zero contact to metal pieces
Ultra protective multilayer tube
Tip Seal technology
A full range of available sizes

For your consumer

Safe and easy use
Soft dispensing
Fully hermetic closure
Quick and easy sealing
A shield for sensible liquids
Effective barrier to contaminations
Controlled cream distribution
Longer product preservation
A barrier to retro-contamination

Application fields

Ultra-sensitive skin

Skin care

Vitamin C / Retinol

Skin care

Anti-pollution products

Skin care


Skin care

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