White paper

The preservative-free era
and the container revolution

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Find out the latest innovations in the field of Airless packaging!

With the new challenges brought up by the use of preservative-free solutions, the industry of packaging finds itself challenged to adapt its products. The main concern? To contain and protect new formulas with specific preservation needs over the long run.

These formulas, when combined with a low level of preservatives, “require superior packaging to ensure the integrity of the formula over time. It’s about protecting the formula that protects you!” explains Patrick Bousquel, Marketing Director EMEA BU Skincare and Color Cosmetics at Aptar.

Read about how Aptar has been leading research in the field of Airless technologies to offer today tomorrow’s packaging solutions!


Each time more sensitive formulas

Find out why the absence of preservatives is no longer sufficient to be considered as “preservative-free” and how emerging successful companies deal with it!

Why are packaging systems evolving so fast?

Find out what obstacles are slowing down consumers in adopting preservative-free formulas, and how Aptar manages to provide the level of protection required for a long-term use.

Skin Protect, the long-term preservation of sensitive formulas

Skin Protect, Aptar’s new packaging system, is the result of many years of Research and Development. Find out what technologies were involved in designing this revolutionary product, and how it was tested to successfully address all the challenges brought up by the preservation of sensitive formulas.