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Fewer preservatives,
greater protection

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Airless products: Discover our great technological improvements!

The dermocosmetic field is currently experiencing a shift towards “preservative-free” products, the latter being identified as less prone to fostering allergies and intolerances than the regular products of the dermocosmetic market.

The challenges posed by the preservation and an efficient barrier to contamination of these solutions are the main concern when it comes to airless technologies. How does Aptar live up to the expectations in regards?



An evolving market

Find out why the absence of preservatives is no longer sufficient to be considered as “preservative-free” and how emerging successful companies deal with it!

Skin Care

A concern for sensitive skins

While preservatives are no longer “in the air”, new trends such as the fight against pollution, and the study of impact of skin care on internal organs, are emerging.

Research on Airless

An accelerating race

Aptar’s new packaging product, Skin Protect, contains a revolutionary system, comparable to the pharmaceutical industry’s high technology standards in regards.