Aptar Requests U.S. FDA Emergency Use Authorization for N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Decontamination with ActivShield™.
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A wide spray pattern is achieved by using the insert, and by clicking the extension tube into an insert, a directional spray pattern can also be achieved.

The highly functional design and the intuitive handling guarantee a convenient use:

  • Unique design with ergonomic leverage for a variety of spray
  • Integrated extension tube: no part to lose
  • No need to change actuators

Akur Actuator is the 2 in 1 solution for:

Industrial (lubricants), automotive and insecticides

  • Valves: Ariane valve, Ball Valve, BOV with adaptor
  • Fit on stem 4mm
  • Extension tube length : Max :32 mm +/- 0,5 mm visible length
  • Min: 15 mm +/- 0,5 mm visible length

Long extension tube option ( not included )  

Domaines d'application

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