Product solutions

Skin Master

High precision and sensoriality. A new beauty experience

Features & Benefits

  • Dispense and apply in one step
  • Lateral actuation for a targeted application
  • A range of well-designed and ergonomic applicators
  • Flexible applicator stem to insure best comfort of use
  • Custom finishing options


  • 7 ml 


  • Variable up to 250 mcl

Other Features

  • Applicators:

               Velvet Touch:  bi-injected soft pad with massage effect 

               Cool Touch:  Zamac pad with cooling effect

            ​    Icy Touch:  Ceramic pad with long lasting cooling effect

  • Viscosity: 1,000-20,000 cPs

Airless Technology

  • Optimum protection for sensitive formulas
  • Ideal for dispensing very high viscosity formulations
  • 360° dispensing and ultra-fast priming
  • Excellent product evacuation

Application fields

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