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The new cosmetic and elegantly designed pump, PZ Lark by Aptar, features an enlarged pump along with a lockable actuator and soft actuation. PZ Lark targets high-end and professional products in the hair care and body care markets.

Soft actuation

  • Building upon our renowned PZ pump technology, the PZ Lark features soft actuation and quick priming. PZ Lark also works with higher viscosity products.

Discreet cartridge

  • The PZ Lark has a low visible cartridge that perfectly matches with transparent bottles for high-end products.

Elegant hoodless design

  • With two actuator options, the PZ Lark is a lockable pump with both 22/410 and 24/410 closure neck options to match all marketer needs.

Your hair care and body care products deserve PZ Lark.

Application fields

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