Aptar Requests U.S. FDA Emergency Use Authorization for N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Decontamination with ActivShield™.
Product solutions


Mambo is a modern and modular spray cap designed primarily for Hair Styling and Deodorant applications. 
It offers an ultra-fine spray pattern.The gracious design enhances the overall package appearance. The large finger pad makes it convenient and easy to use.


  • Mambo provides eye catching shelf appeal thanks to its two colors combination.
    We offer a family look across can sizes, also allowing an easy customization.


  • With the modular Mambo technology, the common spray arm can be supplied with various inserts in order to offer an ultra-fine pray pattern.


  • Aptar developed an easy-to-use spray-cap that offers a delightful experience thanks to its large and unique finger pad.

Technical information

  • Transport safety because of embedded spray arm
  • Suitable for necked-in tinplate cans / transfer aluminum cans (with the same diameter of tinplate cans)
  • Suitable to all existing high-speed capping lines
  • Easy positioning during assembly
  • Designed to be used with Aptar Vertical Valve Ariane (ARM, ART) 4.00 mm stem
  • Actuator fitting: fit-on-can 49 mm and 52 mm

Application fields

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