Product solutions

Beauty Twist


The product consists on a twist to lock closure assembled with a tube. A new closure with twist system that will be able to open and lock the packaging easily with one hand. 

Also the closure has a premium look and differentiation with of closure systems ( as flip top and screw) with an affordable price for skin care and color cosmetics products and also can be used for same personal care products ( hand cream for example).


To Customer

  • Affordable packaging
  • Premium packaging
  • Integrated packaging
  • Single supplier
  • Adds value in the end product
  • Easy to customize (lacquering and metallization)
  • Easy to fill.

To final Consumer

  • Visual impact (different)
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • One single gesture
  • Interactive / Intuitive
  • Cleanliness


Application fields

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